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English Danish
vaccinated vaccineret
vaccination certificate, smallpox coppeattest, koppeattest
vagabond omflakkende
vagabond vagabond
vagabond, tramp, vagrant omstrejfer
valley dal
village landsby
virginity mødom
volume bd.(bind)
volume bind
vouch for the correctness of indestaar
walk out gaar ud
war krig
was, be, to be, is var, blive, være, er
washerwoman, laundress vaskekone
wasteland, wilderness ødemark
weak svag
weakness svaghed
weakness from old age alderdomssvaghed
weaver væver
wedding ceremony viet, vielse
Wednesday Onsdag
week uge
weeks uger
west vest
whaler hvalfanger
what hvad
wheel hjul
wheelwright hjulmand
when hvornaar
when, if, reach naar
where hvor
whether hvorvidt
which hvilken
white hvid
who was present som mødte
who, whom, which, that, som
whom hvem
whooping cough kighoste
widow enk. = enke, enkekone
widow’s spokesman (guardian) lavværge
widower enkem. = enkemand
wife hustru
wife, (the) konen
wife, a married woman kone, hustru
wife, homemaker husmoder, huusmoder
wife, the lady (the) fruen
windmill vindmølle
wine merchant vinhandler
wish, desire, want ønske
witch heks
with med
with more m.v. = med videre
with more med videre
with, at, in hos
without uden
without land jordløs
without land uden jord
witnesses testes (Latin)
witnesses vidner
woman kvinde, qvinde
woman kvindemenneske
woman qvindemenneske
woman (the) kvinden
woman of the house, housewife madmoder
woman. the woman qvinde, quinden
wood carver træskærer
woodcutter brændehugger
woodman, lumberjack skovarbejder
work place erhvervsted
worker arbejder
worker, laborer arbejdsmand
worth værd
worthy værdig
writers name (the) forfatterens navn


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