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FamilySearch Community Administrators are responsible to help lead the creation of a vibrant, collaborative research community. We hope that you will be creative and explore great ways of doing this in the community and/or communities you administrate.

Here are a few specific responsibilities for all a

  1. Lead the creation of a vibrant, collaborative research community.
    • These responsibilities revolve around these main ideas:
    1. Interacting with those in the genealogy research community
    2. Answering research questions and other posts
    3. Encouraging others to answer questions
    4. Showing gratitude for resources shared
    • Sharing news, events, resources, and information about genealogy research in this area
    • Remeber the community is not confined to the platform (Facebook, Google+ etc.). You can invite local organizations--such as libraries, archives, and societies--to share news and events on the page.
  2. Help the community members adhere to the following policies:
    • Keep group discourse civil and polite at all times.
    • All posts should be genealogy-related and off-topic posts will be removed.
    • All discussions should be kept neutral and non-denominational. (LDS-specific discussions should not take place in these groups.)
  3. Join our group of community administrators, and connect with the volunteers of your specific community (we hope that each group will eventually have 2-3 admins).

  4. If you must leave as a community administrator, please help us find someone else to take your place.


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