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These instructions explain how to use each field under the tab Header Data or Form Entry found in the lower left corner of your screen after you have opened a batch.

Image Type (under Header Data) This field is used to describe the image quality. To do this, click in the Image Type field, and then click the down arrow at the right side of the field. Select an option from the list.

If the image is normal and has information to be indexed, select Normal. Then press Tab or Enter.

If there is no information to be indexed because the image is blank, a duplicate, has no extractable data, or is unreadable, select one of these options. Press Tab or Enter, and, on the warning message, click Yes. Then submit the batch.

Page Number (under Header Data) If a page number was recorded, it is usually at the top or the bottom of a page.

Index the page number in this field.

If no page number was recorded or contains a variation of the word "unknown," press Tab to skip this field.

The rest of these fields are found under the Form Entry tab. Remember, each entry on the page should have it's own Image-Record number. You can adjust the amount of Image-Record numbers by clicking on Tools and then Records per Image at the top of your indexing screen.

Record Type The records were written in different formats depending on who recorded them and when they were recorded. Many of the images do not have headings to describe what the records are, nor what the information is, that was recorded. It will be necessary to carefully review each record to determine what type it is and to identify the information for the requested fields.

Click in the Record Type field, and then click the down arrow at the right side of the field to select the correct record type that describes each record.

Births and Baptisms (Födelse och dop) These records generally have a child's given name, birth and baptism dates, a place of residence, and one or both parents' names.

Engagement and Marriages (Lysning och vigsel) These records can usually be identified by the names of a bride and groom. They will normally include the marriage date and residences of the bride and groom. Occasionally the bride's parents will be recorded.

Deaths and Burials (Död och Begravning) These records generally have the name of the deceased, death and burial dates, a residence, and the age of the deceased.

If other types of records such as "move in and move out" or "accounts" documents are found, mark these as a No Extractable Data Image in the Image Type field.

Entry Number An entry number was sometimes recorded for each record. It was sometimes at the left side of a record, in the center just above a record, or on the right end of a record.

If no entry number was recorded or contains a variation of the word "unknown," press Tab to skip this field


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