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How to determine what is recorded in a column.

How to index age 100 and over.

How to index middle initials.

What to do if the name is too long to fit in the column.

How to index an age with a leading zero.

For your information: If you are typing a surname too quickly for the system to keep up with auto-complete you may notice when you look back at the surnames you have already indexed may have missing letters. To avoid this, turn off the auto-completion. To turn off auto-complete:

1. Click the Tools menu. 2. Click Options. 3. Click the Display tab. 4. Click the Enable field auto completion box to remove the checkmark.

You will need to turn it back on once you are done helping with this project.

Do not include leading zeros in the county code field.

If the person's age is 100 or greater the program will not allow an A to be put in the Age Unit field. Mark that field blank.

When a Given Name is recorded as Z Z, the person was not given a name or the name is unknown. Mark the field blank.


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