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NOTE: The opinions expressed on this page are not those of FamilySearch Support. They have been added by users and should not be taken as an official update.

Should I put the Soldier's Rank in the Title Or Terms field?: NO

Opinion 2: Agreed. The rank is like the occupation and is not being indexed in this project.

Should I fill in the Burial State with Illinois? NO Even if it is listed on the card, do not fill in the Burial State field with Illinois. These are Illinois Burial Records so the state is assumed. Use this field to record a state other than Illinois.

Opinion 2: The field help says to index the state. We should follow the field helps and index the state when given. We should never make assumptions.

Should I expand abbreviations used in the cemetery name?: YES It is common to see St in the cemetery name. Expand that to Saint.

Opinion 2: The field help says to index the cemetery name as it is written. This does not include expanding any abbreviations, even if they are common or obvious.

On the other hand, we are supposed to expand abbreviations for the city and county names. Use the look-up lists when in doubt. The city names with St. all seem to be expanded to Saint (Saint Charles, Saint Elmo, etc.), whereas St. Clair county is left as St Clair.

Should I expand Twp in the Burial City?: YES If it isn't crossed out, include Township in the City Name if it is listed on the card.

Opinion 2: The Basic Indexing Guidelines say not to include designators of the geographical level such as City or County. 'Township' is likewise a designation for a level of governance and not part of the name and should therefore not be indexed, unless explicitly stated in the field help (which it is not).

Should I use the name listed in the Remarks area of the card as the Next of Kin?: NOT NECESSARILY Use it if there is some indication that there is a relationship such as son, daughter, brother, etc. or if the last names are the same. 

Opinion 2: We should not assume that anyone listed in the Remarks area is a relative unless explicitly stated, regardless of last name. Therefore, the field for Next of Kin should only be filled in if there is someone listed in the Nearest Relative field on the card (front or back, depending on the card type) or if the relationship is explicitly given in the Remarks area. The relationship itself (son, granddaughter, etc.) is not indexed as a title or term.



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