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The following table summaries the items that have been discussed by the Wiki Community Council. To bring something to the Council's attention for them to discuss, please add it to the Requests page.

Description First raised Status
Non-functioning moderators - what is the process to relieve non-functioning moderators from their responsibilities 12112828 Nov 2012 Actioned
Better Communication - helping people understand the ground rules 12112828 Nov 2012 Ongoing
Coordinating projects - Avoiding duplication 12112828 Nov 2012 Ongoing
FH Library Catalog - inflexible index eg. issues with Monmouthshire in Wales/England 12112828 Nov 2012 On hold
Change to Image policy - further exception allowing living people in images 12121212 Dec 2012 Consultation
How to increase the group of active contributors 1301099 Jan 2013 Ongoing
Wiki page development / layout issues 13012323 Jan 2013 Ongoing
Professional Genealogist - progressing project 13012323 Jan 2013 Ongoing
Surname pages 1302066 Feb 2013 On hold
News & Events - information in wiki out of date - better sources Blogs, Facebook. Better to direct wiki users to these sources 1302066 Feb 2013 Recommend policy change