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*Information and Agendas: '''[[FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject FamilySearch Records]]'''  
*Information and Agendas: '''[[FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject FamilySearch Records]]'''  
*Time: Every second Wednesday, Monthly, 1:30 to 2:00 PM  ([ Mountain Time]) (3:30 PM Eastern)  
*Time: Every second Wednesday, Monthly, 2:00 - 2:30 PM  ([ Mountain Time]) (3:30 PM Eastern)  
*Meeting Place ID: '''To Be Announced'''
*Meeting Place ID: '''To Be Announced'''  
*[ Click to Attend] or Dial in Number: 801-240-2663  
*[ Click to Attend] or Dial in Number: 801-240-2663  
*To mute or unmute your telephone, press # 5 on your telephone key pad.
*To mute or unmute your telephone, press # 5 on your telephone key pad.

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Live FamilySearch Wiki Community Meetings

The Wiki Community offers several meetings to support you in using the Wiki as a tool in your family history research. You may connect with other researchers with more experience that are willing to give you research direction. A project leader may be willing to mentor you when you join a project. You may want to collaborate with the advanced technical community and make suggestions for improving the Wiki. Join us in any or all of the meetings that interest you or create one of your own! Project leaders are encouraged to post their project pages and meetings under Project Meetings below.

Within MeetingPlace, pressing # 5 on your telephone will mute or un-mute your ability to speak during the meeting.

* * * * *

Prior to joining the meeting for the first time, please run the 'MeetingPlace Test 'to verify you can participate in a web meeting.

* * * * * *

New Contributors Training Meeting

This meeting is for family history researchers to learn all about contributing their knowledge to the Wiki to help make the Wiki a better place for doing genealogy research.

Scheduled Topics
*Proposed Dates to be Given
1. User pages, Discussion Pages, Setting Preferences and Watching Pages January 12, 2012
2. Navigation Bar, Sandbox, Page History, Uploading Images/Files January 19, 2012
3. Rich Text Editor and Wikitext January 26, 2012
4. References/Citations, Namespaces, Categorization, Templates February 2, 2012

There will be NO class on Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wiki Contributors Meeting

This meeting is to share best practices, ideas, tips, current issues, etc., for working on projects in the Wiki. Important community issues are also discussed as we help move things along to decisions.

Technical Meeting

This meeting involves technical discussions about how the wiki works including technical issues, workarounds, strategy, and design.

Wiki Support Meeting

This meeting discusses issues relating to supporting and helping Wiki contributors and keeping the Wiki contributor community running smoothly.

Project Meetings

Wiki Project: Indians of North America

Open to new team members, if interested.

Wiki Project: State of Idaho

Open to new team members, if interested.

WikiProject: FamilySearch Historical Records

General Meeting Information: This meeting is held on the second Wednesday of each month, circumstances permitting. If you wish to help provide information and content to articles on the research wiki describing collections found online at FamilySearch Historical Records, attend this meeting and help get this project off the ground.

Now open to new team members as of September 2011.

WikiProject: Sweden

WikiProject: New York

WikiProject: Utah