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PURPOSE: Support & Collaboration

  • If you have experience with family history but are new to using the Wiki, this meeting is for you! You may receive support in researching in the Wiki.  
  • The first part of the meeting will include training on features of the Wiki that will aid the researcher. This is foillowed by a case study.  After the training, the agenda is open for you to ask any questions you may have about working in the Wiki.

WHEN: Tuesdays 9 - 10 am MST (11 - 12 a.m. EST)

Click to Attend (MeetingPlace ID 5252)

See below for instructions on using MeetingPlace.

Note About the Meeting Connection

When you connect with Meeting Place on your computer and enter your Meeting ID # (5252) and then your name, you will come to a screen that asks you to

___ Join the Web Conference

___ Have Meeting Place Call My Phone

Both of these options should be checked and your telephone number entered prior to hitting the "Connect" button. Your screen images will come from the "join the web conference" link, but your audio only comes through a telephone connection, so if you do not make that telephone hookup, you will be unable to hear what is going on in the meeting.

WHERE: Online with MeetingPlace

Attend Meeting (MeetingPlace ID 5252)

To both view and hear the meeting

  1. Click Attend Meeting, above.
  2. If necessary, in the Meeting ID field, enter 5252, and then click the Attend Meeting button.
  3. On the Attend Meeting screen, enter either a guest user name or your LDS Account information, and then click the Attend Meeting button.
  4. Under Connect Me, make sure that the boxes next to both Join the web conference and Have MeetingPlace call my phone have a checkmark in them; type your phone number (including area code, with no dashes or parentheses) in the appropriate field; and then click the Connect button.

To hear the meeting only

Call 801-240-2663 (or toll-free 877-453-7266), and then follow the prompts. The Meeting ID is 5252.

International callers

Sometimes, MeetingPlace will fail to connect an international caller to the toll-free number. If this happens to you, using Skype, you can call the toll-free number at no cost to join the meeting.

  1. Join the meeting over your computer, but don't have the system call your phone.
  2. In Skype, click Call Phones.
  3. Select the United States flag, then enter 877-453-7266.
  4. Follow the prompts; the Meeting ID is 5252.
  5. The "pound" key is the same as the "hash" key, #.
  6. Skype can cause reverberation in the meeting, so please keep your audio muted when you are not speaking.