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As a new member of Wiki Support, find things that you are passionate about getting fixed and seeing done right. Sometimes finding those areas can be difficult.

To help you find things you will be interested in helping with:

Start on a Content Project

Pick an area of the wiki that you would like to contribute to. It could be a place where you lived, a place where your ancestors lived, or a topic area. Contribute your knowledge to those pages in the wiki. Doing this will help you to be aware of issues that contributors are dealing with and will help you be successful in support.

Learn about the Community

Spend some time doing the following:

  1. Read the Contributor's Corner
    Follow the conversations there; contribute where desired
  2. View Recent Changes
    Spend a few minutes reviewing the page of recent changes to learn about the wiki community and the changes are being made on various pages and by who. You will be surprised what you will learn just by looking through various changes that people make.