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There are two areas we focus on during our shifts:  helping patrons, and patrolling the new wiki pages that come in. When you have questions, please ask in the Wiki Team Chat.

Following are the order to review the items in, depending on your shift:

All shifts, begin by signing into:

  1. Amdocs - for emails and image uploads

Then, depending on your shift, go through the other items in this order:

Morning Shift Mid-day Shift Afternoon Shift
  1. Patrolling New pages
  2. Check Prioritized Categories
  3. Patrolling Talk pages
  4. Forums / Get Satisfaction
  5. Assigned projects
  1. Forums / Get Satisfaction
  2. Patrolling Talk pages
  3. Check Prioritized Categories
  4. Patrolling New pages
  5. Assigned projects
  1. Patrolling Talk pages
  2. Check Prioritized Categories
  3. Patrolling New pages
  4. Forums / Get Satisfaction
  5. Assigned projects

Maintenance Templates are an important resource as you are patrolling. Be aware of all of these Maintenance Templates so that you can use them as you see that things need to be done on pages.



Answer emails in two queues (open Amdocs in Internet Explorer only):

  • Wiki Support
  • Image Approval (Also make recommendations for individuals to be given Reviewer rights)

Patrolling New pages

Ensure new pages are within the wiki's scope:

  1. Go to the New Pages report.
  2. See the instructions for patrolling.
  3. Remember the following:
    • Patrol all namespaces. Select "all" from the dropdown and click Go.
    • On Talk pages, mark questions or comments that need answers or discussion with the {{helpme}} template.  (You do not need to worry about marking Indexing or Historical Records questions on talk pages. But still patrol them.)

Check Prioritized Categories:

Title Priority # with problem How to Fix
Urgent requests  (alert evancol or averyld to get these taken care of right away) 1 0 How to
Contributors looking for help 1 4
Copyright problems 2 0 How to
Articles with content outside wiki scope 2 0 How to
Short pages
(Check the "0 byte" pages only for possible vandalism, or to help educate those who are blanking pages - we shouldn't ever blank pages)
How to
Uncategorized pages 2
How to

Patrolling Talk Pages 

Look at the Recent Changes/Talk pages for patrons' questions that we can answer.
If we can't answer them, help find out who needs to be aware of them.
  1. Go to the Recent Changes report.
  2. See the instructions for patrolling.
  3. Remember the following:
    • Select to view 500 results (keep Namespace selected "all")
    • Search just for the Talk pages to patrol, or use the dropdown to select the Talk page namespaces only - just be sure to check each one in turn.
    • Remember that clicking on All may not bring up the Talk pages.  It's best to use the dropdown and select Talk
As you patrol all pages, watch for categorization issues, especially pages with no category.  Add a category that makes sense, and put a note on the Discussion page as a teaching tool for the contributor.
Also, watch for comments that are unsigned by the contributor. To correct this issue:
  • On the History of the Talk page, copy the contributor's username (text copy) and insert that into the template in place of the User name.
  • Copy the date and time from the History page (text copy) and replace that in the template in place of the time, date month, year (leave the (UTC)).
  • Example: Information copied from the History for the Talk page: 03:24, 24 January 2013 Maggiliz 
Information copied into the template:
Typing: {{Subst:Unsigned|Maggiliz|11:15, 1 June 2011 (UTC)}}
Results in: Preceding unsigned comment added by Maggiliz|04:24, 24 January 2013 (UTC)

Contributor Help Forum

  • Ensure questions get answered. Often they will be answered by the community.
  • Remember that the threads in the Forums sort independently, so you'll need to check them all for anything that's been recently added, but may not be the last post.