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The Family Group Records Collection has about 8 million family group records that were created by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The collection is divided into two sections


Archive Section

The original family group records in the Archive Section were submitted between 1942-1969 for temple work. Five million family group records were submitted during this time period. The records are now on microfilm.

Submission Years


The family group records are arranged alphabetically by the husband's surname, then given name, and then by the date of birth/christening. In 1993 the microfilms in the Archive Section were checked against the original family group records and it was found that 18,000 sheets were not microfilmed. The missing sheets were photocopied and then microfilmed as an addendum to the collection.

1,998 microfilm reels, beginning with 1273501 and the addendum starts on film 1750758.

Oriental Collection

Arranged alphabetically by husband's romanized name, then by birth date. Most records are for persons living from ca. 1100-1979 A.D.

33 microfilm reels, beginning with
Japanese on 795724,
Chinese on 795844,
Korean on 795847.

In the Archive Section, an asterisk (*) next to the name of the husband, wife, their parents, or their children indicates that this individual appears on another Archive Section family group record. An asterisk next to the name of a child's spouse indicates another spouse is specified on the back of the record.

Patron Section

Three million family group records were submitted to the Patron Section between 1926-1979. The purpose was to share genealogical information and identify others working on the same lines. Temple work was not requested.

The family group records often included a brief list of the sources used to compile the record. Some records also included biographical histories for the family members listed on the form.

If members of the LDS Church participated in the Three Generation or Four Generation record submission programs, their original submission would now be found on microfilm.

Submission Years


Records pertain primarily to person living from ca. 1700-1962. Contains some records for person living as far back as 600 A.D. Records arranged in approximate alphabetical order. Surnames spelled differently but pronounced the same are often interfiled; some records filed out of alphabetical order. Records for some surnames are incomplete or missing. The 1924-1962 filming includes most of these records and is more legible.

824 microfilm reels, beginning with 260872


Records are arranged alphabetically by husband's name when known, and by wife's name when name of husband is unknown. If there is more than one record with the same filing name then they are arranged by birth/christening date. Some records were filmed slighly out of order. Most of the records submitted during 1924-1950 were included in this filming and are more legible.

614 microfilm reels, beginning with 412088


Arranged alphabetically by husband's name when known, and by wife's name when name of husband is unknown. If there is more than one record with the same filing name then they are arranged by birth/christening date. In many instances several records have been submitted for the same family unit. Comparison of these records will sometimes reveal discrepancies.

596 microfilm reels, beginning with 1558711


The records submitted during 1978 and 1979 were microfilmed separately because they are not interfiled with the 1962-1977 collection. In later years, the records were put directly into the Ancestral File which can be searched online at

61 microfilm reels, beginning with 1281028

Miscellaneous Collection

These family group records are sometimes referred to as supplementary family group records. They were submitted to the Genealogical Society for filing only.

41 microfilm reels, beginning with 284729

Converting Old Microfilm Numbers to New Numbers

There have been a number of old book and film numbers used by the Family History Library over the years to identify and label its book and microfilm collections. When microfilming began, a combination of letters and numbers was used to number the films. Later, a system of serial numbers with part numbers was used. Finally, a straight numbering system was used beginning with film number 000001. Each time, the existing films were renumbered. Today there are more than 2,400,000 microfilms in the library's collection.

The data sources listed on these family group records often include old film numbers. In order to find a source on film, you must convert the old film number to a new film number. For instructions, see "Old film numbers."

Further Reading

For further details about most of the family group records see:

  • "Family Group Collections of the Family History Library." [1] This article also describes the relationship of the Temple Records Index Bureau Endowment Index, the Ordinance Index


  1. Nichols, Elizabeth. "Family Group Collections of the Family History Library." Genealogical Journal24 (Winter 1996): 11-27. (Family History Library book 973 D5gi, but not on microfilm.)


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