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2nd-flr-VFW Man 4.jpg United States/Canada Reference Desk

United States and Canada Research Consultants available to answer your research questions! Find us at the reference desks on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Family History Library. You can recognize us by our gold name tags. We have excellent knowledge of United States and Canada family history resources and bring a wide variety of expertise to the table. Our services are free. Follow the links to learn more about us.



Linda K. Gulbrandsen, AG®, is a professional researcher, lecturer, and manager of the U.S./ Canada Research Consultation Services Unit for the Family History Library. She formerly managed probate research operations for a law firm and worked with a large private clientele and numerous research companies. She serves as Chair of ICAPGen and as a member of the Advisory Council for the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy.


  BatsonDL 98.JPG  Danielle L. Batson, AG is accredited in Midwestern United States research --> More  
  Jeffry T Blaylock, AG is accredited in Midwestern United States research --> More BlaylockJT 98.JPG
  180px-Dilts portrait.jpg  David Dilts, MA, AG is accredited in LDS and German research --> More  
  Patricia N. Hardesty, AG is accredited in LDS Church research --> More HardestyPN 98.JPG
  HarrisonJB 98.JPG  Jason B. Harrison, CG (SM) specializes in United States research  --> More  
 Joan E. Healey, AG is accredited in Midwestern United States research -- > More Joan2.1.jpg
  HendricksonP 98.JPG  Patsy Hendrickson, AG is accredited in LDS research --> More  
    Marilyn J. Markham, AG is accredited in New England research --> More   MarkhamMJ 98.JPG
LDS McBrideLW LThumb.jpg Lisa Mary Elizabeth McBride, BS
  Nathan W. Murphy, MA, AG is accredited in Southern United States and English research --> More   Nathan Murphy.jpg
TaylorBE 98.JPG  Beth Taylor specializes in Midwestern U.S. research, Quakers, and technology --> More   

More Experts

  Deborah Baldridge, BA specializes in United States research --> More  BaldridgeDJ.JPG
BingamanTD.JPG  Timothy D. Bingaman, AG is accredited in Mid-Atlantic United States research --> More  
  Claire V. Brisson-Banks, BS, MLIS, AG specializes in American and English research --> More BrissonBanks.jpg 
Laurie-hiller.jpg Laurie W. Hillier specializes in United States research --> --> More
  Dawne L. Hole specializes in United States research --> More    HoleDL+sm.JPG
Jim-ison.jpg   James L. Ison, AG, CG specializes in African American and Southern research --> More  
  Russell S. Lynch, AG is accredited in Midwestern United States research --> More    LynchRS.JPG
 SmithCE 98.JPG   Carol E. Smith, AG is accredited in New England research --> More   
  Yvonne Sorenson, AG specializes in New England and Canadian research --> More   Yvonne-s.JPG
WspStanding, Vicki.JPG  Vicki Harden Standing, AG is accredited in Midwestern United States research --> More    
  Lyle E. Wiggins, AG is accredited in Southern United States research --> More  WigginsLE 98.JPG 

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