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=== History of Jews in Germany  ===
*Read the article ''History of the Jews in Germany'' by clicking [ here].
=== [[German Jewish Records]]  ===
=== [[German Jewish Records]]  ===

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Map of Germany

  • To view present-day Germany at Google Maps, click here.
  • For a Jewish population density map of Europe in 1900, click here. Family Finder

Find others, possibly cousins, searching for your family name in the same countries, cities, and villages. Search the JewishGen Family Finder by clicking here. Free registration required.

History of Jews in Germany

  • Read the article History of the Jews in Germany by clicking here.

German Jewish Records

  • To learn more about Jewish records in Germany, click here.

The JewishGen Germany Database

More than 400,000 records for Germany, from a variety of sources, including: citizenship records, vital records, cemetery data, survivor lists, and Holocaust sources. Requires free registration. To search, click here.

Facebook Research Community

  • Get ideas and help with Germany/Prussia Genealogy here.