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|Tab-4=Wiki Trainer
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|URL-4=Help:Adding details to a Family History Center page/Wiki Trainer
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=== LDS doctrinal information in the Research Wiki  ===
=== LDS doctrinal information in the Research Wiki  ===

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LDS doctrinal information in the Research Wiki

LDS doctrinal information does not belong on the pages of this Wiki. The wiki audience is world-wide, to individuals of many faiths, who love genealogy for the sake of genealogy work and is not a place to put information about LDS doctrine. This includes PowerPoint presentations and other documents that may include doctrinal information in them.  See the Wiki Purpose and Appropriate Topics for more information.


Page sections are optional

Your wiki page was created with a number of sections already there. These are not required to include on every page, and there may be other sections that you feel are important for your center to have. You can delete the ones that aren't needed. Do a search for "Family History Center" to see examples of what other centers are doing in the Wiki.

Link to your FHC from other pages

Add links to your center page from other pages that might relate to your center such as the city and county locality pages in the Wiki.


Long page? Create sub-pages

If you have a lot of information about your center to add to this page, you may want to break your out into multiple pages. When you do so, you will want to create additional pages as "sub-pages." These pages begin with the same name of the main page, then include a "/", then the name of the sub-page.
For example, to create a sub-page for "Center Contacts and Hours" you would create a new page in the Wiki titled "Blue Springs Missouri Family History Center/Center Contacts and Hours". Although that is a long title, it gives the benefit of grouping the different pages together in the search results, and if you ever need to change the name of the main page, the sub-pages would also change.
Linking many pages together
If you create multiple pages for your site, you can create a "table of contents" that will include links to all of the pages. It will then be included on each page. See the Logan Utah Family History Center page for an example.
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