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A navigation template or navbox is a grouping of links used in multiple related articles to facilitate navigation between those articles. They are created using the template feature. Editing of a navigation template is done in a central place, the template page.

How to use

Examples of how to build a new navbox is given in the documentation provided with the Template:Navbox. Once created a navbox can be added to an article by typing the name of the navbox template within a pair of double curly brackets "{{" and "}}" for example typing {{Utah}} with add the Template:Utah to a page.


  • Provide a consistent look and navigation system for related articles
  • Faster to navigate than a category
  • Give immediate information about relationship with other articles
  • For presenting a series of articles in a logical order


  • Simple boxes can often be replaced with a category
  • Take up too much space for information that is only tangentially related
  • Include the full list of links in every article, even though often many of the links are not useful in some of the articles.
  • Due to size, the use of multiple templates may take up too much space on one article
  • Sometimes do not give the reader enough clues as to which links are most relevant or important