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When patrolling Discussion/Talk pages, after ensuring that the policies and guidelines are followed and marking the edits as patrolled, we are also looking for:

  • Questions that patrons ask
  • Problems, concerns, or other issues that may need to be resolved
  • Trends that may indicate larger concerns or issues to resolve

Questions that need answers

  1. If the question is about the information in the main article:
    • Answer the question if you know the answer. If you don't, ask the Patrolli
    • If you can't answer the question, the {{helpme}} template will tag the question so it can be reviewed and we can make sure it gets an answer later.
  2. If the question is not about the information in the main article, such as a research or product question, it doesn't belong on this page.
    • Add a note to refer the patron to the forums to ask their question.
    • Add the {{helpme}} template to the page.
    • Once the patron asks their question on the forum, delete the entire question from this page.
  3. After a patron has been helped, change the {{helpme}} template to {{helpme-helped}}.

Problems, concerns or requests for additional discussion

Trends or larger issues

If the item shows a problem or trend that may indicate larger issues, bring it up to the patrolling team to discuss.