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Changes to this page

I'd like to see this page turn into more of a central starting point for those who would like to Edit and Contribute to the wiki. Right now it's a collection of links that could use some "re-categorization" and some additional guidance for helping new contributors know where to start. I think some of the following could help with that:

  • Remove Search helps - this is not as important for contributors, these links should go on the Tour page
  • Break down into a few main categories on the page:
  • Getting Started - this would include the main links that new contributors need
  • Community projects - this would talk about getting started in a project and link to the Projects Seeking Contributors page plus any other page on the Wiki where we discuss things that need to "get done" and need volunteers
  • Advanced topics - this would have the more advanced editing topics such as Wikitext, Templates, etc.
  • Additional guidance - this would refer to the Forums and other items as well - maybe the Teaching Aids, etc.

Thoughts? Other ideas?

janellv 23:35, 7 February 2011 (UTC)