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Church Records

Hillesøy is a parish in Lenvik clerical district, which contains parish registers for the parishes Lenvik with Rossfjord chapel and Hillesøy. It included Målselv parish until 1853.

Parish heading list shows the Norwegain headings on the parish records with an English translations for each of the different forms used throughout the records beginning in 1814. Prior to that time the records were kept in a journal format which varies with each parish.

Digital images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet.

Census Records

  • Prestens manntall 1666 [Lenvik og Hillesøy]. The 1666 clerical census for Lenvik and Hillesøy is available at the Family History Library.  Also available in a scanned format at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).
  • 1701, 1801, 1865, 1875, 1891, 1900 see Lensvik clerical district.

Court Records

Land Records

Probate Records

1690-1866 Tromsø judicial district.

1776-1809 Troms County judicial district.

1697-1824 Troms and Senja deanery.

Farm Book

Kulturbilder fra gamle Hillesøy by Carl Bertheussen and Jens Solvang. A history and a genealogy of the people and their farms in Hillesøy, Troms County, Norway.

Farm Book on the Internet

Hillesøy Kulturbilder fra gamle Hillesøy, Vol. 2 Hillesøy by Jens Solvang. This is like the printed book with no further search capabilities. It is necessary to go to the contents page to find the page number where the farm is listed.

Farm Names

26 Angstauren 42 Astria 8 Austein 42 Baltestad 42 Baltsfjord 34 Bjørnstad 22 Bjørnøen 11 Bogen 37 Botn 46 Breivik 7 Brensholmen 4 Buvik indre 30 Edøen 1 Engenes 18 Ersfjord 33 Finneset 32 Finvik 34 Fjordbotn 36 Galnslaatten 31 Gavlen 41 Giska 2 Grepstad 25 Haaøen 40 Hekkingen 24 Hersøen 29 Hillesøen 43 Husa med Husøen 29 Kalholmen med Verholmen 17 Kraakskar 32 Lanes 14 Lauklineset 39 Laukvik 10 Lillenes indre 6 Marsletten 14 Nordfjord 12 Oldervik 20 Rækvik 23 Røsholmen 38 Sand 29 Sandholmen 10 Sandnes 3 Sandvik 42 Selvaag 21 Sessøen 19 Skamtind 13 Skjaaneset 35 Skræddernes 28 Sommerøen 9 Storsletten 10 Svinøen 14 Synnøvjorden 13 Sørfjord 6 Torsnes 43 Trælvik 15 Tullengen 27 Tussøen 16 Vasstrand 33 Yttergaarden 45 Øifjord 44 Øifjordbotn


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names


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