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Icelandic letters
English    Letters   English translation    Keystrokes

Á á          A a         Ow in now                  ALT- 0193 ALT- 0225
Ð ð         D d         Th in brother              ALT- 0208 ALT- 0240
É é         E e          Ye in yellow               ALT- 0201 ALT- 0233
Í í            I i             Ee in knee                ALT- 0205 ALT- 0237
Ó ó        O o          O in old                      ALT- 0211 ALT- 0243
Ú ú        U u           Oo in loom                ALT- 0218 ALT- 0250
Ý ý         Y y            Ee in knee                ALT- 0221 ALT- 0253
Þ þ        Th th         Th in think                 ALT- 0222 ALT- 0254
Æ æ      Ae ae       I in mine                    ALT- 0198 ALT- 0230

Ö ö        O o          Ea in heard             ALT- 0214 ALT- 148


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