Icelandic Census Headings 1703

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1703 Icelandic Census

_________ hreppur.

Mantalsregistur í _____ hrepp í ______ sýslu með sjerhvers nafni og aldri, samantekið eftir háttvirðandi yfirvaldsins forlagi og befalingu Anno 1703.

Census in ____________________ clerical district (hrepp) in _____________________ county (sýslu),
with each person’s name and age, Year 1703

Note: There are no column headings in this census, but the information given generally follows the format below:

Place name
Person’s name
Occcupation /
Civil Status
(wife, sister, farmer, servant, etc.)
Marital status
(Ógift = unmarried
Ekkja = widow, etc).