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*{{RecordSearch|2075263|U.S., Internal Revenue Assessment Lists, 1862-1874}} Images only
*{{RecordSearch|2075263|U.S., Internal Revenue Assessment Lists, 1862-1874}} Images only
<center>'''[[Illinois Genealogy Websites|Websites]]'''</center>
<center><span style="font-family:ProximaNova; font-size:20px; color:#4d4d4a;">'''Websites''' </span> <span style="width:300px; font-family:ProximaNova; font-size:14px; color:#0044cc;">[[Illinois Genealogy Websites|Learn More]]</span></center>
'''Sites with Illinois databases:'''
'''Sites with Illinois databases:'''
*[ Illinois Historical Collections] at FamilySearch (Free)
*[ Illinois Historical Collections] at FamilySearch (Free)

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Find genealogy records: vital records (birth, marriage, and death), census, cemeteries, probate, land, libraries, societies, churches, newspapers, etc. for Illinois, the Land of Lincoln.

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Abraham Lincoln, 1864
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Sites with Illinois databases:

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