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'''See Also'''  
== '''See Also''' ==
[[South Caroliina History|South Carolina_History]]  
[[South Caroliina History|South Carolina_History]]  
[[South Carolina Military Records|South Carolina_ Military]]
[[South Carolina Military Records|South Carolina_ Military]]

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Carolina Indian Heritage Association


Tribes and Bands of South Carolina

Algnkian, Beaver Creek, Catawba, Cherqwas, Cheraw, Cherokee, Chiaha, Chickasaw, Chicora, Congaree, Coosa, Creek, Croatan, Cusabo, Eno, Edisto, Eutaw or Etiwan, Iroquoi, Keyauwee, Natchez, Pee Dee, Pocotaligo, Saluda, Santee, Savano, Sengkaw, Seewee, Shakori, Shawnee, Siouan, Sissipahaw, Sugaree, Waccamaw, Wassamasaw, Wateree, Waxhaw, Westo, Weenee, Winyaw, Yamasee, Yuchi

Cherokee - Iroquaian, Siouan, Muskhogean and Algonquain

Cherokee Bear Clan, Chalokolowa-Chickasaw, Sumter Band of Cheraw


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  • Catawba Reservation , State, Tribe: Catawba


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Family History Library

The Family History Library has some published documents and histories of Indians who lived in South Carolina in the colonial era. The Catawba, Old Cheraws, Cherokee, and other Indian nations are chronicled in Chapman J. Milling, Red Carolinians (Chapel Hill, North Carolina: University of North Carolina Press, 1940; Family History Library book 975.7 F2m; film 1425645 item 5).

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