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One of the Colonial Wars



King William's War was fought between England and France.  In Europe, it was known as the War of the League of Augsburg.  In England, it was called the War of the Grand Alliance.

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Encyclopedia Americana. Danbury, Connecticut: Grolier, 1989. FHL US/CAN Book 031 En19a 1989 Indexes & Records


During King William's War, many colonists served in local militias.  Because these were local units and not part of the British Army, any surviving records are in historical societies, state libraries, or state archives.

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Click here to see records by the General Society of Colonial Wars.

INFORMATION FROM: Family History Library US Military Research Outline and Family US/Canada Consultants, January  2004, MJM

General Society of Colonial Wars

  • Register of Members, US film 528676, lists people who became members from 1892 to 1967. It is divided into five chronological sections, and each section has an alphabetical index. It tells their General Society number, state society number, date of election, name in full, state society, and sometimes, remarks.

Index of Ancestors and Roll of Members , US film 1036804 item 4. Contains an alphabetical list of Colonial Wars ancestors with:
  - Birth and death dates.
  - The war in which they served.
  - Date of service.
  - Rank.
  - List of members who descended from that person as of about 1921.
  - Alphabetical list of members, circa 1921, with their General Society Number,  reference to the page where they are listed as a descendant, and state membership.

INFORMATION FROM: Family History Library US/Canada Consultants, January 2004, MJM.


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