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Traditionally, Pacific Island people hold genealogical information to be sacred. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, our main goal in doing family history work is a sacred one, which is to provide temple ordinances for our ancestors. Once we begin gathering our family information, we open the way for deceased family members who have not yet received temple ordinances to receive them so they can be freed from Spirit Prison. As we become involved in family history work, we realize that our ancestors have a strong spiritual connection with us as their descendants, and our ancestors’ hearts are turned to us just as much as our hearts are turned to them. They can help us in many ways that are unseen by us. The Lord’s help is especially needed in doing Island research, and we can receive that help by praying for it. 

Many Pacific Island people have contributed to the information in this manual, and all have attributed their success to starting out, keeping trying, and praying for help.

Whether we are a new member, a friend of the Church, or have been in the LDS Church for a long time, it is not too late to gather and record four generations of family information. It is an on-going work, and we can start doing it at any time.


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