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Would you like to help others over the phone or through online chat with their questions about how to research in  areas where you have experience?

Become a Research Help Volunteer.

What does a volunteer do?

  1. As a volunteers, you would help researchers with their questions about how to find their families in specific areas or types of records.
  2. Register to become a volunteer.
  3. When ready to help, go to the Volunteer check in page, sign into FamilySearch, then "check in" to make yourself available to take calls.
  4. When a researcher with a question calls the toll-free number, FamilySearch routes the call to you or another one of the volunteers who is signed in. The caller never sees your personal information or phone number; you are identified only as a FamilySearch volunteer.
  5. To quit receiving calls, you check out.

How much time does it take to be a volunteer?

You can volunteer as much or as little time as you would like. And you choose when you want to receive calls.

Who is this program intended to serve?

Any patron of; anyone who is interested in learning more about their ancestors.

Can I help through online chat, or only over the phone?

You help over the phones or with online chat.

What kind of questions will I receive?

The questions users will have vary. Studies about the general types of questions show that the top five are:
  1. How do I find the parents of an individual?
  2. How do I find more information about an individual?
  3. How do I find a birth, marriage, or death record?
  4. How do I find immigration or emigration records?
  5. How do I find more information about a family?

Is there training?

Yes. After you sign up, we’ll teach you about the tools you’ll need to be successful. It will include what your best resources are to help the patron, information about how our phone system works, what to do when you can't help the patron, and etc.

What qualifications are needed to be a volunteer?

The pilot is available for individuals with research experience in any of the areas that are currently open. You will need a free FamilySearch or LDS Account to be able to help, but you do not need to be LDS. This account also gives you free access to more records on Register for a FamilySearch or LDS Account here.

What is the compensation for volunteers?

This pilot is designed as a volunteer program where individuals donate their time and knowledge to others free of charge. The intention of the program is to create a free service experience where individuals can gain assistance with their research. Researchers should not expect to have all of their research done for them, but volunteers are welcome to give as much research assistance as they would like.

Volunteer for Places other than what is listed

If you have experience in other areas and would like to help, add that information when you register. We’ll let you know when we are ready to start the pilot for your area of interest.

How to Sign Up to Be a Volunteer

Sign up to be a volunteer by filling out this form, or e-mail us at with questions.


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