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Communicating with each other on Skype is a vital part of what we do. In Skype, we: 
  • Ask questions of each other
  • Report problems with the phone/chat system
  • Get announcements about changes, system status, collection releases, and more
  • Do NOT do video! :) 

Those who are in Skype talk about how they couldn't do with out it, so if it's not working for you, see below.

To Join the Skype group:

  1. Download the Skype program at and register for an account.
  2. Add the contacts  Sister Mills - "xsdiva1" - and Michele Doyle - "micdoy" - to your Skype contact list. Let them know you'd like to be added to the Research Help groups. 
    (We have you add both to be sure that one of them will see you as soon as possible. See instructions for adding contacts)
  3. We will add you to the following groups:
    1. Live Research Assistance (Tools & Processes) - for tools help
    2. Research Questions and Answers - for research questions
    3. FamilySearch Announcements - for announcements only
  4. When you volunteer, feel free to chat and ask questions of other volunteers. We’re all in this together!
    (See instructions for sending a message)
  5. When you get a call, share with the Skype group what the question was about so we can all learn from each other what kinds of calls we are getting.
  6. Learn more about Skype in the Skype User's Guide.

Problems getting into skype, or concerns about using Skype?

Please let us know. Send us an email to with your phone number and the best time to contact you, and someone will be in touch.

See Also:

Getting Started

Helpful Resources


Join our Skype Group
Communicate with other volunteers, get help as you give help


Steps to check in  
And begin receiving calls


Steps for taking calls
Taking and transferring calls


Set/Update Schedule
To set or update your volunteer schedule



Learn more about the opportunity


Research Toolkit
Research resources


Phone Responses
Ideas for responses to patron questions


Not a research call?
We answer ALL research calls; check here for answers to non-research questions.


Questions you may have
As you begin helping others

Read these Definitions
These will explain terms that you may not recognize.

Help online classes.png

Webinar recordings
Listen to previous trainings (again and again, if needed)


Additional ways you can help
Volunteer in other ways

Not yet a volunteer research consultant? Learn more about what volunteers do.


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