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You may be interested in talking with other consultants as you help, to ask questions of them, or bounce ideas off each other, etc. Visit our Forums or join Skype to be a part of the conversation.
To join the Forums:
  1. Coming Soon!
To join the Skype group:
  1. Download the Skype program at and register for an account.
  2. Add the contact "" to your Skype contact list. Mention whether we should add you to the 1940 or Ohio chats.
    (see instructions for adding contacts)
  3. When you volunteer, feel free to chat and ask questions of other volunteers. We’re all in this together!
    (see instructions for sending a message)
  4. When you get a call, share with the Skype group what the question was about so we can all learn from each other what kinds of calls we are getting.
  5. Learn more about Skype in the Skype User's Guide.



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