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You may have some of the following questions as you begin helping others:


  • What information should I gather first on a call?
When answering a question, it helps to get some information right at the beginning:
  1. Their objective for their research.
  2. The locality where their ancestor lived.
  3. The time period when their ancestor lived in that locality.
  4. The record or type of information that you want to find. For example, you want the parents' names, or a birth date or place, or the spouse's full name.
If they are unsure about dates and places, they will need to come forward a generation and choose an ancestor about whom they have more information. Knowing about a more recent ancestor will give them a place to start to look for an earlier generation.
  • What records does FamilySearch have online?
  • Where does FamilySearch keep research guidance information?
The FamilySearch Research Wiki is a great starting place when helping a patron. Pages are created for the various jurisdictions where records could exist. Check for records in all areas.
For 1940 questions, there are many wiki pages, this is the main one:

If you are searching for someone who lived in Adams County, Ohio, you can check:

  • What do I do when I don't know how to help the patron?
  1. Ask in one of our Skype groups or Forums.
  2. Walk the patron to one of these resources, depending on what they are comfortable with, to have them ask the question here:
Ohio Specific Resources:
  • How much time should I spend with each researcher?
There could be a wide range, and lots of exceptions to this general rule, but if you are spending much more than 30 minutes with a patron, you may want to refer them to other places for additional help. Our goal is to teach the researcher something that will help them learn how to research in the future rather than do all the work for them.
  • I do genealogy work professionally. Can I tell researchers about that?
We don't want to mix these free services with discussions about professional work. In the future, we will discuss possible referral procedures if researchers are asking for professional assistance.

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Training information
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Questions you may have
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Join a group of other volunteer consultants
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