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Steps for taking a call:

Answering a Call:

Front line volunteers answer the phone and triage the call. You have several choices based on the content of the call. It can be answered by you, sent to a specialist or, ocassionally, you will receive a call that has been misdirected.

General Call:

You will recognize a general call by the tweety noise that you hear when you answer the phone. It is then up to you to decide whether you can handle the question quickly or whether it needs to be sent to a specialist. If you decide to send it to a specialist you will need to determine if a specialist is available. Check the bottom of your dashboard:


As you can see there are two available for chats and two available for phone transfers.

Specialist Call:

Calls will be routed to you from the general call volunteer. These calls are specific to the specialty or specialties that you indicated on your profile.

Misdirected Call:

Calls that are not research related need to be directed to the appropriate dept. Use the Ready Reference Guide to determine where the caller needs to be sent. If it is still not clear, use the Skype group, Live Research Assistance, to get additional help.

Recording Patron Information:

It is important, when taking a call, to enter patron information on the dashboard. This allows follow-up calls if needed. If possible the best way to get this information is through the patron's FamilySearch username.

Family Search User Name:

When a call comes in, click on the "Get Caller ID" button:


A new screen will open that allows you to enter the patron's information.

Username not available or patron not willing to give it to you:

If the patron is reluctant to give you their FS user name or if they do not have one fill out the details in the boxes below the FS username box. Name, phone number, email address, as much as they are willing to give you.

Help the Patron or Transfer the Call:

When/how to transfer the call:

Calls should be transfered whenever there is a specialist available to take that call.

Call resolved:

When you are finished with the call, mark the "call resolved" button and you will be available to take another call.


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