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=== Free Mac Genealogy Software  ===
=== Free Mac Genealogy Software  ===
*'''GRAMPS'''&nbsp; [ for Intel Mac] - Source Code: [ for Latest Version]<br>  
*'''GRAMPS'''&nbsp; [ for Mac OS X (PPC or Intel)] - Download: [ the Latest Version]<br>  
*[ '''PAWriter II''']
*[ '''PAWriter II''']

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Free Mac Genealogy Software

Commercial Mac Genealogy Programs

Mac Genealogy Programs Certified for New FamilySearch

FamilySearch Certified Products and Services

  • FamilyInsight - Access, Helper, Ordinance Reservation, Ordinance Request, Multi-Language, Sync, Update
  • Get My Ancestors - Access, Multi-Language
  • Ordinance Tracker - Access, Ordinance Status, Ordinance Request
  • MyBlood (not yet) planned for after summer 2010
  • MacFamilyTree Access, Print, Sync, Update