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Known Issues

NOTE: For a way to determine what digital records are likely to be found within a collection or how to find missing images elsewhere, see Article 56000, How to use Film Notes in the Catalog to determine the content of a final browse point in Historical Records.

Question #1: I’m searching Guadalajara > Nacimientos 1888, and the images begin with July records. Are images available from January to June?
Answer #1: Yes, the Nacimientos 1888 records for January begin on image 384. The record images are not in chronological order because the waypoint was set up in Film order instead of chronological order. The record begins with FHL INTL Film 278549 containing July to December records, followed by Film 278550 containing January to June records.

Question #2: The browse point Mascota > Defunciones 1891 does not seem to contain records from Mascota. What is the actual content of this browse point?
Answer #2: Images 1-13 (Film 215025, Item 3) pertain to Ixcatán; Images 14-29 (Film 215027,Item 6) pertain to Los Reyes. Catalog Notes state “Civil registers of births, marriages, and deaths from the municipality of Mascota, Jalisco, Mexico. Includes registers from Ixcatán and Los Reyes.” Ixcatán is also associated with civil records from Zapopan (Jalisco); and Los Reyes is also associated with civil records from San Sebastían del Oeste (Jalisco).

Question #3: There are two browse points named Matrimonios 1863-1867, one in Lagos de Moreno and one in Encarnación de Díaz. Are the localities of the marriage records transposed?
Answer #3: The two browse points named Matrimonios 1863-1867 not only have transposed localities, but the year spans are also incorrect.

  • Encarnación de Díaz > Matrimonios 1863-1867 is actually Lagos de Moreno > Matrimonios 1867.
  • Lagos de Moreno > Matrimonios 1863-1867 is actually Encarnación de Díaz > Matrimonios 1867-1868.

Question #4: The browse point Atenguillo > Defunciones 1945-1973 does not seem to contain records from Atenguillo. What is the actual content of this browse point?
Answer #4: Images 526-548 (Film 2072057, Item 19) pertain to Atotonilquillo and normally would be found as Chapala > Defunciones 1963. In addition, the remaining records in Atenguillo > Defunciones 1945-1973 year span should be Atenguillo > Defunciones 1945-1962, 1966-1973.

Question #5: In Cuautla > Nacimientos 1897, the first image indicates that the records are defunciones. Where are the Nacimientos 1897?
Answer #5: Nacimientos 1897 > Images 1-25 of 38 are Defunciones 1897, and Images 26-38 of 38 are Nacimientos 1897.

Question #6: The browse point Tepatitlán de Morelos > Matrimonios 1883 contains marriage records for Jan – Jun 1882. Are there 1883 marriages available?
Answer #6: There are no 1883 marriage records available. The browse point Matrimonios 1882 is the continuation of 1882 marriages containing Jul - Dec 1882.

Question #7: The browse point Juchitlán > Nacimientos 1877 starts out with 1878 records. Where can I find the 1877 records?
Answer #7: The 1877 records are located in Juchitlán > Nacimientos 1877, starting with Image 71 of 122. The browse point should be renamed to Juchitlán > Nacimientos 1877-1878.

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