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Known Issues

NOTE: Mexico Census, 1930 was the fifth census conducted after 1895. Mexico attempted to keep a national census in 1868 and 1878, but they were not accepted well by the people. Later, in 1900, the census was more successful and followed every 10 years. The most complete census is 1930, which, until recently, has only been available at Mexico’s National Archives. See the Mexico Census wiki for general census information.

Question #1: While browsing, I cannot find the path for Morelos > Cuenavaca > Temixco, the path for Jalisco > Arandas > San Ignacio Cerro Gordo, or the path for México > Atlacomulco > Santiago Acutzilapan. Are these census records available?
Answer #1: The following 3 localities have been identified with incorrect headings:

  • The records for Morelos > Cuenavaca > Temixco are found at the path Morelos > Cuenavaca > Femixco
  • The records for México > Atlacomulco > Santiago Acutzilapan are found at the path México > Atlacomulco > Santiago Acatzilapan.
  • The records for Jalisco > Arandas > San Ignacio Cerro Gordo are found at the path Jalisco > Arandas > San Francísco Cerro Gordo.

Question #2: While browsing, I find images with scrap paper over part of the image. Where can I find the entire census page?
Answer #2: Two (2) images have been identified as being partially blocked by paper and the full census sheet is not available by clicking on the next image arrow ():

  • Puebla > Olinta > El Suri > Image 1 of 1 has a piece of paper blocking top half of the census page. The full page can be found on Film 1507857, Image 590.
  • Veracruz-Llave > Platón Sánchez > Tepetatipa > Image 1 of 1 has a piece of paper blocking bottom half of the census page. The full page can be found on Film 1520445, Image 702. In addition, Images 703 through 710 on the same film have handwritten annotation "Integrante de Tepetatipa, Congregacion" in upper right hand corner above "X"ed out Municipio name indicating that they too should be part of this browse point (Images 2-10).

Question #3: When I tried to click on the previous image to find the rest of a household from Temósachic, Temósachic, Chihuahua, Mexico, the previous image arrow () will not work. How can I find the previous census page?
Answer #3: When attempting to view some census pages for the indexed records for Residence ofTemósachic, Temósachic, Chihuahua, Mexico, the path field appears only as “undefined" and there is no next or previous image viewing capability. The images can be found on Film 1464112, images 429-478.

Question #4: My ancestors are listed as having an address at the municipal jail, specifically, Residence Place: Carcel Municipal, Acámbaro, Guanajuato, Mexico. The entire household never lived in jail. Can you please fix this?
Answer #4: The indexed records with a Residence Place: Carcel Municipal, Acámbaro, Guanajuato, Mexico affects 3063 records of persons that live in the municipality or ciudad of Acámbaro, Guanajuato, Mexico. The correct Residence Place should be Acámbaro, Acámbaro, Guanajuato, Mexico. The associated Film Number is Film 1464213, Items 4-6, Censo 1930 (Leg. 1-3) for Censo de población del municipio de Acámbaro, Guanajuato, 1930 (1930 census, municipality of Acámbaro, Guanajuato, Mexico). This indexing error also affects the browse path Mexico Census, 1930 > Guanajuato > Acámbaro > Carcel Municipal which should be Mexico Census, 1930 > Guanajuato > Acámbaro > Acámbaro.

Question #5: When I click to view image 721 of 1488 in the browse point Yucatán > Mérida > Mérida , the image path changes to Yucatán > Mérida > Esperanza > Image 71 of 137. When I try to click on the back arrow (<-) to go back to Mérida, the image path changes to Yucatán > Mérida > Esteban Pasos > Image 25 of 30. Where can I find the remaining images for Yucatán > Mérida > Mérida?
Answer #5: The images for the 1930 census, municipality of Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico can be found on Film 1520521, Items 7-9 (about 290 images), Film 1520522, Film 1520523, Film 1520524, and Film 1520525, Items 1-3.

Question #6: I am searching for my ancestors from Huejonapan, Tepexi de Rodriguez, Puebla, Mexico, and when I go to view the image, the image path is Puebla > Tepexi de Rodriguez > Moralillo > Image 1 of 15. Where can I find the correct images?
Answer #6: If you are looking for a family in Huejonapan, Tepexi de Rodriguez, Puebla and when you go to view the image, the image path shows Puebla > Tepexi de Rodriguez > Moralillo > Image 1 of 15, then you can browse the images with the path Puebla > Tepexi de Rodríguez > Huejonapan to see the correct census pages. Apparently some persons that are from a completely different page of the census and a different town was attached to the wrong household and therefore to the wrong census image.

Question #7: The browse point Zacatecas > Momax > Momax > Image 1 of 22 has only 10 images in the waypoint. When I click for image 11, the images skip to Zacatecas > Mezquital del Oro > Malacate > Image 1 of 11 images. Where can I find the remaining images?
Answer #7: The images for Zacatecas > Momax > Momax can be found on Film 152053, starting at image 423. Also the same Film 1520534 has images for Zacatecas-Mezquital del Oro-Malacate starting with image 320.

Question #8: When I click on the path Jalisco > Mazamitla > El Corral de La Mejia, the image that appears is from Jalisco > Mascota > Jolapilla > Image 1 of 3 and there are no functional next or previous arrows; I can only view image 1. Where are the El Corral de La Mejia images?
Answer #8: The census for the municipio de Mazamitla is comprised of one and two page sections for each ranch of which Corral de Mejia is one. The images for El Corral de la Mejia can be found on Film 1507550, images 679 and 680.

Question #9: While browsing images in Sonora > Magdalena > Sásabe, Image 3 redirects me to Sonora > Mazátan > Mazátan > Image 1 of 28. Where are the Sásabe images?
Answer #9: The remaining images of Sásabe can be found at the Sonora > Mazátan > Mazátan >Images 1-7 of 28. The records for Sonora > Mazátan > Mazátan start on Image 10 of 28.

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