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Micronesia Region Background Information

The islands of Micronesia are distant, remote, and primitive. The huge area covers 5 time zones. Micronesian islanders don’t perceive themselves as being one group. For a further explanation of the difference between the region of the Pacific called Micronesia, and the nation of the Federated States of Micronesia, click here.

Micronesia Area Map.PNG
The Micronesian island area consists of eight nations or territories:
1. Federated States of Micronesia (formerly Caroline Islands)
2. Guam
3. Kiribati
4. Marshall Islands
5. Nauru
6. Northern Mariana Islands
7. Palau
8. Wake Island (sparsely inhabited)

These distinct island nations are divided into tribes and clans. The chief of each tribe and clan influences the lives of his group. Although their languages are written now, few people have written information about their ancestors.

The LDS Church has 3,222 members in the Micronesia mission: 897 in the North Mariana Islands, 3,625 in the Marshall Islands, 328 on Palau, and 1,519 on the island of Guam. Total: 9,591.

The records are in Spanish, German, English, or the native tongue, depending on the time period and the island or island group.


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