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Known Issues

Question #1: Why do some record sets at the following municipalities include records of a type other than that described in the set title; i.e., births, deaths, marriages, and divorces may be mixed together?
• Aalst
• Ewijk
• Nijmegen
• Zoelen
• Leeuwen
Answer #1: A record set can erroneously be accessed by more than one “Record type and date range” link. The resulting combination of record sets usually appear alphabetically by type, e.g., Geboorten records appear first, followed by Huwelijken, Overlijden, etc. Examples include the following:
Aalst Geboorten (births) 1812-1817, the years 1812-1813 contain Geboorten (births) & Overlijden (deaths) chronologically (French language these years only), the years 1814-1815  Geboorten (births),  Huwelijken (marriages) & Overlijden (deaths) chronologically, the years 1816-1817 Geboorten (births) only.
Ewijk Gebborten (births) 1811-1842, Huwelijken (marriages) 1811-1812, and Overlijden (deaths) 1811-1812.
Nijmegen Huwelijken (marriages) 1918-1919 and Echtscheidingen (divorces) 1918-1919 are identical record sets.
Zoelen Huwelijken (marriages) 1813-1842 and Echtscheidingen (divorces) 1839-1842.
Leeuwen Geboorten (births) 1811-1813, Huwelijken (marriages) 1811-1813, Huwelijksafkondigingen (marriage proclamations) 1811-1813, and Overlijden (deaths) 1811-1813 are identical record sets.

Question #2: Where are the following records located?
• Arnhem—1883 and 1884 Geboorten (births).
• Arnhem--1890 and 1891 Geboorten (births).
• Dinxperlo--1882 Huwelijken (marriages) index and 1882 Overlijden (deaths) index.
• Doetinchem, Doetinchem Ambt, and Doetinchem Stad.
• Druten--1849 Geboorten (births).
• Duivan--Geboorten (births) 1816-1830.
• Duiven--1816-1834 and 1834-1842 Huwelijken (marriages).
• Haaften--1883-1892 Overlijden (deaths).

Answer #2:
Arnhem 1883 and 1884 Geboorten (births):
• 1883 births are found in two record sets--1883 and 1884. The records begin at 1883 Image 17 and end at 1884 Image 133 (Images 113-133 comprising the index).
• 1883 Images 1-16 are duplicates.
• 1884 births are at 1884 Images 134-579 (Images 559-579 comprising the index).
Arnhem 1890 and 1891 Geboorten (births):
• 1890: The records begin at Image 13 with Certificate #1, then continue in sequence with some irregularities. For example, Certificate Numbers 379-382 are found at Image 7. Except for Image 7, certificates on Images 1-12 are duplicates of Images 106-116. There is no index.
• 1891: The records begin at Image 19 and continue in order to Image 452. The index is on Images 453-466. Images 1-19 are duplicates of Images 412-429.
Dinxperlo Overlijden (deaths) 1864-1882 and (marriages) 1865-1882: 1864-1882 deaths Images 357 and 358 are the marriages index for 1882. 1855-1882 marriages Images 477 and 478 are the deaths index for 1882.
Doetinchem, Doetinchem Ambt, and Doetinchem Stad: The municipality of Doetinchem was founded on 1-1-1920 by merging Doetinchem Stad and Doentinchem Ambt. The Doetinchem collection includes some records of the two other municipalities, and those two collections include some Doentinchem records. The records show the correct title and municipality.
Druten 1849 Geboorten (births): The 1849 births are missing from the Druten Geboorten (births) 1843-1862 record set (1848 records end with image 172, and 1850 records begin with image 173). The 1849 Druten records can be found at Images 122-152 in the Dreumel Geboorten (births) 1843-1862 record set (between Dreumel 1848 and 1849 births).
Duivan Geboorten (births) 1816-1830: Births start on image 33. Images 1-32 are duplicates from the Duivan Huwelijken (marriages) 1816-1834 collection.
Duiven 1816-1834 and 1834-1842 Huwelijken (marriages): The Duiven Huwelijken (marriages) for 1816-1834 and 1834-1842 have been mistakenly duplicated in the Druten records. However, no Druten marriage records are missing; these periods are covered by the following Druten marriage record sets: 1813-1830, 1831-1838, and 1838-1842.
Haaften 1883-1892 Overlijden (deaths): The Haaften Overlijden (deaths) 1883-1892 collection is located at the Groesbeek link. There are currently no Groesbeek Overlijden (deaths) 1883-1892 at this location.

Question #3: Are the following records available?
• Aalten--1822 Gebborten (births) certificate numbers 3-6 (dated between January 2-8).
• Aalten--1908 Huwelijken (marriages) Certificate #66 (October).
• Beuningen--1880 Gebborten (births).
• Didam--1816 Gebborten (births).
• Groesbeek--1883-1892 Overlijden (deaths).
• Nijmegen--1944 August-October Overlijden (deaths).
• Rheden--1880 Overlijden (deaths).
• Tiel--1883-1885 Geboorten (births).
• Voorst--1818 Overlijden (deaths).
• Warnsveld—1843-1882 Overlijden (deaths).

Answer #3:
Aalten Geboorten (births) 1821-1825: The 1822 birth certificates are not available on-line. They can be viewed on Film #305504.
Aalten Huwelijken (marriages) 1903-1912: 1908 Certificate #66 (October) is missing. It is not available on microfilm either.
Beuningen Geboorten ( births) 1879-1882: 1880 births after 15 April are missing. They can be found on Film #210425.
Didam Geboorten (births) 1811-1821: Only an index is available for 1816 births. The records can be viewed on Film #210570.
Groesbeek 1883-1892 Overlijden (deaths): There are currently no Groesbeek deaths at this location.
Nijmegen August-October 1944 Overlijden (deaths): Death records for the period 22 August – 8 October are presently not available with FamilySearch. (Images are from original camera capture; no microfilm is available).
Rheden Overlijden (deaths) 1877-1881: Only an index is available for 1880 deaths. The record can be viewed on Film #211454.
Tiel 1883-1885 Geboorten (births)--This record set has not yet been added to the Tiel collection. It can be viewed on Film #518842.
Voorst Overlijden (deaths) 1818-1820: 1818 records prior to 21 September are missing. They can be viewed on Film #429577.
Warnsveld 1843-1882 Overlijens (deaths)--These records are not currently available in the Warnsveld collection, but they can be viewed on the following microfilm:
• 1843-1865: Film #429627.
• 1866-1882: Film #429628.

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