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Problem #1: Multiple entry points may access the same record.

Example: Nijmegen: Huwelijken (marriages) 1918-1919 and Echtscheidingen (divorces) 1918-1919 both take you to the same record which is a mixture of both record types. Zoelen: Huwelijken (marriages) 1813-1842: 1813-1839 is marriages only. 1839-1842 contains both marriages and divorces.

Problem #2: Link takes you to the wrong municipality or wrong record type.

Doetinchem: The municiplaity of Doetinchem was founded on 1-1-1920 by merging Doetinchem Stad and Doentinchem Ambt. Under Doetinchem are now images stored that fall under either Doetinchem Stad or Doetinchem Amt. The register books show the correct title and municipality.
Druten: Huwelijken (marriages) 1816-1834 and Huwelijken (marriages) 1834-1842 both link to Duiven.
Haaften: Overlijden (deaths) 1883-1892:Groesbeek Overlijden (deaths) 1883-1892 are found at this location. Geboorten (births) 1883-1892 and Huwelijken (marriages) 1883-1892 on Film # 518752 .

Problem #3: Missing images or records.

Aalten: Huwelijken (marriages) 1903-1912. Marriage act #66 is missing for 1908. Not on microfilm either.
Arnhem: Geboorten (births) 1883. Births start with image 16. Images 1-15 are a continuation of September births from the end of the record. Geboorten (births) 1884. Images 1-111 are Sep-Dec 1883 births. Index to 1884 births are images 112-134. 1884 births are images 135-558. Index to 1885 births are images 559 to end.

Benuningen: Geboorten ( births) 1879-1882. Births after 19 April 1880 are missing for the rest of the year. Missing records can be found on original microfilm. Geboorten 1879-1882 on Film # 210425 .
Dinxperlo: Overlijden (deaths) 1864-1882--Images 357 and 358 are marriages for 1882. Huwelijken (marriages) 1865-1882--Images 477 and 478 are deaths for 1882.

Dreumel: Geboorten (births) 1843-1862. 1843 births are at the beginning and repeated at images 21-28. Images 122-152 are Geboorten (births) for 1849 for Druten.  Druten: Geboorten (births) 1843-1862 is missing year 1849. 1848 ends with image 172. 1850 starts with image 173. Geboorten (births) for Druten 1849 are found atDreumel Geboorten (births) 1843-1862, images 122-152.
Didam: Geboorten (births) 1811-1821. Births for 1816 are index only. Same on Microfilm #210570.  Duiven: Geboorten 1816-1830: Births start on image 33. Images 1-32 are marriages/divorces 1816-1818 for Duiven.
Epe: Overlijden (deaths) 1864-1865: No images available. Overlijden (deaths) 1865-1867: Deaths only until 20 February 1866 (image 24). All images on microfilm # 358694--Overlijden (deaths) 1856-1867 .

Rheden: Overlijden (deaths) 1877-1881: 1880 is index only. Microfilm # 211454 is the same
Voost: Overlijden (deaths) 1818-1820: The page containing certificate #14-#16 is missing. It is also missing on the original microfilm # 429577.

Problem # 4: Link changes during record search to reflect the variety of records it contains.

Leeuwen: Overlijden (deaths) 1811-1813. Header varies between Geboorten, Huwelijken, Huwelijkesafkondiginen and Overlijden while searching record. Each of the above record types does the same thing.


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