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=== Web Sites  ===
=== Web Sites  ===  
[ Mexico;report=BioLocation&amp;pagename=1bio&amp;SearchTerm=New%20Mexico]  
[ Mexico;report=BioLocation&amp;pagename=1bio&amp;SearchTerm=New%20Mexico]  

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The best collection of published biographies in New Mexico is at the New Mexico State Library. The Family History Library has some biographies. Representative biographical encyclopedias are:

An Illustrated History of New Mexico and Biographical Mention of Many of its Pioneers and Prominent Citizens of Today. Chicago, Illinois: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1895. (Family History Library film 1000217.)

Chavez, Fray Angelico. Origins of New Mexico Families in the Spanish Colonial Period. 1954. Reprint, Albuquerque, New Mexico: The University of Albuquerque, 1973. (Family History Library book 978.9 D2c 1973.) This pertains to the period from 1598 to 1821.

Coan, Charles F. A History of New Mexico . . . Historical and Biographical. Three Volumes. Chicago, Illinois: The American Historical Society, 1925. (Family History Library film 1000220.) Volumes 2 and 3 are biographical.

History of New Mexico: Its Resources and People. Two Volumes. Los Angeles, California: Pacific States Publishing Company, 1907. (Family History Library book 978.9 H2h; Volume 1 on film 844902; Volume 2 on film 1000217 item 2.)

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