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Known Issues

Question #1: Many of the records found in New York County are actually from other counties. Is there a way to determine which records belong in New York County and which belong to other counties?
Answer #1: Below is a table showing the Record Classification, Film Number and correct county of the records misplaced in New York County.

Record Classification Film Number County
Card Index 1823-1889 A-Delly, Charles 1007102 Yates
Card Index 1823-1889 Kelly, David – Z 1007103 Yates
Card Index 1879-1956 A-Z 107104 Yates
Citizenships 1862-1888 Vol 1 1010719 Onondaga
County Court Minutes 1886-1897 Vol 4 989411 Wyoming
Declarations of intention 1802-1840 1010567 Onondaga
Declarations of intention 1830-1959 A-P 1010187 Orleans
Declarations of intentions 1830-1859 P-Z 1010188 Orleans
Declarations of intentions 1840-1844 1010568 Onondaga
Declarations of intention 1844-1849 1011034 Onondaga
Declarations of intentions 1849-1851 1011035 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1851-1852 1011036 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1852-1854 1011037 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1854-1855 1011038 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1855-1856 1011039 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1856-1858 1011040 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1858-1860 1011041 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1860-1874 1011042 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1888-1892 1011044 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1892-1897 1011045 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1895-1909 1011049 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1897-1901 1011046 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1901-1903 1011047 Onondaga
Declaration of intentions 1902 953591 Niagara
Declaration of intentions 1930-1955 Vol. 5 1010186 Orleans
Naturalization petitions 1906-1919 no 1-171 1023119 Madison
Naturalization petitions 1919-1922 no 172-347 1023120 Madison
Naturalization petitions 1901-1902 A-Z 1021400 Oneida
Naturalization petitions 1901-1905 1019041 St. Lawrence
Naturalization petitions 1902-1903 1010562 Onondaga
Naturalization petitions 1903 1010563 Onondaga
Naturalization petitions 1906-1919 1023119 Madison

Question #2: In New York County, all of the Declaration of intention indexes show the message “Image not Available”. Is there a way to view these indexes?
Answer #2: These indexes are currently unavailable online. You can view them by ordering the films. A list of the films and their film numbers can be found at: Card Index of Naturalizations, petition of Supreme Court of New York 1876-1924. Select the film you would like to view at your local Family History Center. Instructions for ordering the films can be found at: Ordering Microfilm and Microfiche

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