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Known Issues

Question #1: There seem to be many record types missing from the Oneida County waypoint. Where can these missing records be found?
Answer #1: Many record types for Oneida County have been misplaced within the Herkimer County Waypoint, including Deeds, Grantee Indexes and Grantor Indexes.

Question #2: Can you tell me where to find the mortgage Index for Genesee County?
Answer #2: The Mortgage Index for Genesee County is currently loaded at the waypoints Genesee > Grantee index 1802-1912 A-G, Grantee index 1802-1912 H-R, and Grantee index 1802-1912 S-Z

Question #3: Some images found when browsing are upside down and backwards (mirror- image). Is there another way to view these images?
Answer #3: These images are available on microfilm which can be ordered and viewed at your local FamilySearch Center. See (Ordering Microfilm and Microfiche). If you don’t wish to order the film, rotating the image using the tools bar will allow you to view the image right side up, but the words are still backwards. It is difficult, but not impossible to read the image in this manner. You may try reading the text from a mirror image of your monitor.

Question #4: The images loaded in the waypoint Chautauqua > Deeds 1846-1853 vol 41 > are from Wayne County. Can I view the Chautauqua Deeds someplace else?
Answer #4: The Chautauqua > Deeds 1846-1853 vol 41 images are on film # 478723 that can be ordered in to a local FamilySearch Center and viewed there. See (Ordering Microfilm and Microfiche). We recommend you call ahead and verify that they have the equipment to view films and their hours of operation.

Question #5: The waypoints for the Grantor index, A-Dqz, 1685-1899, or the Grantee index, A-Dqz, 1685-1899 in Ulster County seem to be missing. Can you tell me where to view these records?
Answer #5: The records are there but labeled slightly differently. They are labeled as Grantee Index 1685-1899 vol 1-4 and Grantor Index 1685-1899 vol 1-4 instead of with the letters like the others in the waypoint are labeled.

Question #6: In the New York, Land Records, 1630-1975 > Tompkins>Grantee Index (Ithaca) 1860-1913 H-Z waypoint I can’t find images from T-Z. Are these available?
Answer #6: In this waypoint the records are not consistently alphabetical. Images 250-361 are images from Se-Z, Images 362-363 are blank, Images 364-398 begin again with St and have a random listing of records from Sn-W.

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    For example: New York, Land Records, 1630-1975 > Bronx > Conveyances (New York) 1874 vol 1266-1293 > Image 6 of 826
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