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Known Issues

NOTE: Where noted in the Answers below – To order Microfilm into a local FamilySearch Center, follow the directions in Ordering Microfilm and Microfiche.

Question #1: Why am I seeing images from the New York 1855 and 1875 Censuses?
Answer #1: Images from the New York 1855 and 1875 Censuses were inadvertently added to this collection. The 1865 films can often be viewed by checking the catalog for the correct film # and ordering them to a local FamilySearch Center. See NOTE Above.

Question #2: Why are there duplicates of some images?
Answer #2: When the images were copied, every effort was made to obtain the best copy possible. Sometimes images were copied more than once for this reason. Also, be aware that what may appear to be a duplicate of a previously viewed name is actually from a different census year since the 1855, 1865 and 1975 census records are mixed together on some films.

Question #3: I am unable to view images from some counties. How can I see the images?
Answer #3: We currently do not have rights to publish these images online for the following films. You may order films as listed below: (See NOTE above)

  • Davenport, Delaware County – film #1533559 Item 2
  • St. Lawrence County- film#556597 on Items 2-3.
  • Suffolk County – film #2057294 has records for Southold, Riverhead, Huntington, and Islip; Film #2057295 has records for Brookhaven, and East Hampton; Film 2057296 has Vol 1-2 Suffolk County Census.

Question #4: In E.D. 01 of Johnstown, Fulton County, some of the images are very faint. What can I do to view them better?
Answer #4: The faint images in E.D. 01 of Johnstown, Fulton County can sometimes be viewed better by using the inverse function of the image viewer.

Question #5: When searching Kings > Brooklyn Ward 5, Ward 5 ED 1, ED 2, ED 3 I find that the records are a jumbled mess. There seems to be no pattern to how the records were copied and placed on line. Is there a simple way to find the correct records?
Answer #5: Not really. By looking at the images one can tell that the condition of the original record is extremely poor. Many of the pages appear to have come loose from the binding and placed back into the book in a haphazard manner. The books were filmed as is; meaning no attempt was made to order the pages. Ward 5 (no ED given) appears to be mostly in order and contains records from ED 2 and ED 3.

Question #6: In the village of Smithfield in Madison County there are Peterboro images. Can you explain this? 
Answer #6: These two browse points have an interesting anomaly. They were both done by the same enumerator who apparently wandered between towns in his recording. The pages wander back and forth between the two towns. The records were loaded into the browse points with an effort to include all Peterboro images in that browse point and all Smithfield images in the Smithfield browse point. Because of that there are duplications with the images. The Peterboro images are complete with the exception of page 16 which is found on image 9 in the Smithfield browse point. The images we have on the film for Smithfield are all accounted for in the Smithfield browse point. They both just wander back and forth between the towns.

Question #7: I am looking for the 1865 images for Niagara County, but get the 1875 Census instead. Can I see the 1865 images somewhere else?
Answer #7: The 1865 and 1875 images for Niagara County are on the same Film #1577676. The 1865 images are not loaded online at this time but can be viewed by ordering this film. See NOTE above.

Question #8: I am looking in Onondaga County for Cicero and other towns that do not seem to be available. Are they available for viewing somewhere else?
Answer #8: Film 870759 in the catalog shows the towns of Elbridge, Fabius, Geddes, Lafayette, and Lysander. See film ordering NOTE above. Clay and Cicero are not listed. There are, however, three waypoints that are listed as an E.D. only in Onondaga County. Those waypoints may be searched for desired records.

Question #9: When searching for records from Orangetown in Rockland County I find 1860 United States Census records. Are the 1865 states census records available?
Answer #9: Yes, the 1865 state census records for Orangetown are found in the file for Rockland County and are labeled Orangetown ED 01, 02 and 03.

Question #10: In Ulster County there are no records for any town with names beginning with letters O – Z. Are they missing?
Answer #10: We do not have records for the missing towns either online or on microfilm. The original records for the State's pre-1915 census are kept at the county level and are not available at the New York State Library. You may wish to contact the county clerk's office to ascertain their availability and location if you would like to see if the records are available.

Question #11: Where can I find the town of Kingsbury in Washington County?
Answer #11: The images for Kingsbury, Washington County are missing from the films, and therefore are not available.

Question #12: Do you have records for Wayne County?
Answer #12: We do not currently have the Wayne County records online, but they are available on microfilm. Film number #813649 is a master index and film number #813650 is an index by towns in the years, 1860-1865-1870-1875 and 1880. You may order these films to view the images. (See NOTE above)

If you encounter additional problems with this collection, feel free to report them at Please include the following information:

  • If browsing this collection: please include the full path you followed to where the problem occurred. The browse path is located above the Image viewer window.
    For example: New York, State Census, 1865 > Albany > Albany, Ward 01 > Image 6 of 53.
  • If you are reporting a technical issue: please include your operating system and browser version, such as Windows XP and Internet Explorer.

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