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Known Issues

NOTE: There are many issues in this collection that would require viewing the original microfilm. These are noted below. If the film # is listed on the individual record details page, it can be ordered (See Ordering Microfilm and Microfiche) into a local FamilySearch Center and viewed there.

  • Individual pages, as well as entire enumeration districts, are missing.
  • Some records do not have links to images.
  • There are records with camera icons that do not have links to images. When you open the indexed information page, where there should be a link to the image it states “No Image Available”.

Question #1: Some records are linked to the wrong images or the image is duplicated. How can the correct image be found?
Answer #1: When records are linked to the wrong images, the information found on the indexed record page can be helpful in locating the correct image. Towards the bottom of the page there are references to a family number, a page number, and line number. Use the arrows on the Image Viewer to move forward or backward until the correct page is displayed.

In some cases there is no information on the indexed record, but the correct images can still be found by scrolling forward or backward a few images.

Question #2: Some records are linked to images in other New York State Census records for 1892 or 1915. Are images available for the 1905 census for these persons?
Answer #2: Images for the 1905 Census can be browsed to search for individuals. There are also additional 1905 Census records located in the 1892 Census records – they share the waypoints with the 1892 images. Or the films can be ordered as in the NOTE above.

Question #3: Some records have multiple families or residents grouped together as one household. How can the proper household grouping be determined?
Answer #3: The New York State Census, 1905 form is missing a column for Household Number (Family Number) which results in all the families or residents at a single physical address with multiple dwellings (i.e., apartment building) to be grouped together as one household. The relevant columns in the 1905 New York State Census are:

  • Residence [Street name and House number]
  • Name of each person whose usual place of abode on June 1, 1905, was in this family
  • Relationship of each person to the head of the family

It is necessary that you view the original image and use the relationship column to determine the household groupings.
NOTE: The indexer must enter only the information as it is written on the original document and may not make arbitrary changes supported by logic, but not by fact. In some instances, the indexer inserted the house number as a family number to get the household information to work.

Question #4: Are there missing pages in the Warren > Luzerne > E.D.01 browse point?
Answer #4: There are instances in this browse point where the enumerator recorded pages out of sequence. For example, pages 22-28 on images 11-15 are not in consecutive order.

Question #5: I am having trouble finding the browse points for some localities in Wayne County. Can you help me?
Answer #5: The images on Film #479875 were indexed but the localities were not entered as part of the indexing, causing the search to return 3 commas in the residence place. These images are not available for browsing until they can be identified. The records have been indexed and so are searchable by person name. To find the location you can then view the image and see the locality on the image. There is no menu bar available on the images and so no scrolling can be done between images. The localities on this film include Arcadia, Butler, Galen, Huron, Lyons, Macedon, Rose, Savannah, Sodus, Walworth, Williamson and Wolcott. The images may also be viewed by ordering the microfilm and viewing it. See instructions in NOTE above.

Question #6: I am trying to access images in Erie County, in the West Seneca localities and get the message “Image Not Available”. Are these images available somewhere else?
Answer #6: The images on film 0825703 are not available online at this time due to unresolved contract issues. The film may be ordered and viewed at a FamilySearch Center near you. See instructions in NOTE above.

If you encounter additional problems with this collection, feel free to report them at Please include the following information:

  • If searching a specific collection: please include the name of the collection; include all search criteria used, including name, event, dates and places.
  • If browsing this collection, please include the full path you followed to where the problem occurred. The browse path is located above the Image viewer window.   
    For example, New York State Census, 1905 > Kings > Brooklyn > A.D. 01, E.D. 01 > Image 10 of 27.
  • If you are reporting a technical issue, please include your operating system and browser version, such as Windows XP and Internet Explorer.

Your assistance will help ensure that future reworks will be considered.

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