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Available and Lost Census Schedules

NEW YORK:  Existing and Lost Federal Census Schedules[1]
  Population Schedules Vets Slave Mortal Agricu Indust Defect
1790 Aug 2 Exist            
1800 Aug 4 Exist            
1810 Aug 6


Missing Cortland County

and some of Broome County.

1820 Aug 7 Exist         Exist  
1830 Jun 1 Exist            
1840 Jun 1 Exist Exist          
1850 Jun 1 Exist      Exist  Exist  Exist  
1860 Jun 1 Exist       Exist  Exist  Exist  
1870 Jun 1


Missing two enumerations

for New York City.

      Exist  Exist  Exist  
1880 Jun 1 Exist       Exist  Exist     Exist
1890 Jun 2


only exists for Eastchester

in Westchester County,

and Brookhaven Township

in Suffolk County.

1900 Jun 1 Exist            
1910 Apr 15 Exist            
1920 Jan 1 Exist            
1930 Apr 1 Exist            


Available in 2012


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