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Known Issues

Question #1: Many records seem to be missing. For example, where can I see the 1921 Blenheim Probate records?
Answer #1: Some groups of images were mistakenly omitted when the record collection was added to the Historical Records. At the moment, they are not available to be viewed online and there is no microfilm of these records.

Question #2: I find records where the Event Date is the date of the Will even though the record says the Event is a probate. Which is correct?
Answer #2: When the indexing was done, the probate date was not consistently entered. The date recorded could be the date of the Will, the death date or the date of the Probate. You will be able to determine which date is recorded by looking at the record image.

Question #3: I find probate records that say there are several pages in the file. However, I can only see the first page. How can I see the remaining images?
Answer #3: The images from several Digital Folder s are not currently linked to the records. Until this error is corrected, the images are unavailable online. You may however request a photoduplication of the images. The following is a list of known Digital Folders that do not have the images fully linked to the indexed records.
Digital Folder - 004673967
Digital Folder - 004764125
Digital Folder - 004759123
Digital Folder - 005783768

Question # 4: Do the browse point dates accurately reflect the contents of the records?
Answer #4: Not always. The following is a list of known discrepancies:

  • Hokitika District Supreme Court > Probates 1884-1886 rec 232/84-307/86 contains records through Nov 1887 along with some 1888 and 1894 records (see images 6, 50 and 950)

If you encounter additional problems with this collection, feel free to report them at Please include the following information:

  • If browsing this collection: please include the full path you followed to where the problem occurred. The browse path is located above the Image viewer window.
    For example: New Zealand, Probate Records, 1860-1962 > Blenheim > Probates 1894-1896 rec 0264, 0270, 0239-0290 > Image 26 or 662.
  • If you are reporting a technical issue: please include your operating system and browser version, such as Windows XP and Internet Explorer.

Your assistance will help ensure that future revisions will be considered.

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