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Usually the military levy districts called lægd (-er) match the parish organization within each county. With the changes to the military obligation law of March 6, 1869, there were 6 registration districts (Kreds) created instead of using the county structure. After reunification in 1920 a 7th district (Sønder Jylland) was established.

From 1870 on, the lægds were organized sequentially within each Udskrivningskreds. The county of Nordborg was assigned to Udsrkivningskreds number 3.

If you want the lægd numbers before 1870 see Sønderborg: Military Lægd Numbers


(Lægd Name)






Bregninge 3 81
Marstal Handelsplads 3 86
Marstal Landsogn 3 85
Rise 3 84
Søby 3 80
Tranderup 3 82
Ærøeskjøbing Kjøbstad 3 83


Justitsministeriet, Cirkulær-Bestemmelser vedkommende Udskrivningsvæsenet 1870 Nr.5, København 1870


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