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Known Issues

Question #1: There are many pages that appear to be duplicate records. Why aren’t the duplicates removed?
Answer #1: Duplicates are not removed due to the fact that they may not be true duplicates and the possibility exists that genealogically significant information could be lost if a detail that is not duplicated is lost.

Question #2: Why can I not see wills in the browse point Caswell > Wills, 1777-1963, Vol. 1?
Answer #2: This browse point needs to be correctly titled Caswell > Cross index of wills, A-Z, 1777-1963. No wills are included.

Question #3: In Craven County there are two types of will records. How can I differentiate between them?
Answer #3: Wills 1736-1857, Vol A-E; Wills 1736-1857, Vol F-I ; Wills 1736-1857, Vol J-N; Wills, 1736-1857, Vol. O-Y; and Wills 1746-1865 and Wills 1760-1890 are original wills, while other volumes K, L, M, and N are Will Books.

Question #4: Why are there marriage records in this probate collection?
Answer #4: The Granville County > Bonds 1758-1868, Vol. 28 record set contains misplaced marriage bonds and other marriage records. The marriage records are not in chronological order.

Question #5: Are there missing images in the browse point Hertford > Wills, 1830-1856, Vol. A?
Answer #5: Yes, pages 255-256 that would fit between images 142 and 143 were either missing at the time of the original filming or were missed by the camera operator. These pages are not available for viewing.

Question #6: Why is there an Iredell County will among the Lincoln County records?
Answer #6: Occasionally records were misfiled. When records are digitized to be placed online, they are copied exactly as they are found in the original records.

Question #7: In Montgomery County there are two sets of records listed as Wills Volume 1. Are these duplicates of the same wills?
Answer #7: The record set listed as Wills, 1848-1934, Vol. 1 actually contains the Wills Index Vol. 1 1848-1934 for Will Books 1 – 4.This is an index to the wills listed as: Wills, 1843-1868 Vol. 1; Wills 1868-1905, Vol. 2; Wills 1905-1923 Vol. 3 and Wills 1923-1934 Vol. 4.

Question #8: In Montgomery County there are two sets of records listed as Wills Volume 2. Are these duplicates of the same wills?
Answer #8: The record set listed as Wills, 1934-1964 Vol. 2 actually contains the Wills Index Vol. 2 1934-1964 for Will Books 5 to 6. This is an index to the wills listed as: Wills 1934-1961 Vol. 5 and Wills 1961-1964 Vol. 6.

Question #9: Why am I not able to see the wills in the browse point labeled as Person > Wills, 1792-1956, Vol. 01?
Answer #9: The browse point needs to be correctly titled Person > Cross Index to Wills A-Z 1792-1952. No wills are included

Question #10: I am looking for Wills and Testaments from Pitt County Vol. 1 1858-1868. Are they available for viewing?
Answer #10: These images have been incorrectly located in Person County in the browse point Person > Wills, 1858-1866, Vol. 01

Question #11: Can you clarify the dates in the browse point Randolph > Accounts, 1856-1959, Vol. V?
Answer #11: The years in this browse point have been mislabeled. It should be 1956-1959.

Question #12: What is the correct Year range for the Rowan County Wills, 1951-1952, Vol. 13 title?
Answer #12: 1951-1955.

Question #13: In Rowan > Wills, 1797-1819, Vol. G there are images that appear to have overlays or to have been double exposed. Are these images available somewhere else?
Answer #13: These images were filmed this way on the original microfilm and so are not available for viewing at this time.

Question #14: Sampson > Record of wills, v. 6-7 1917-1926 are not online. Are they available?
Answer #14: These records have yet to be published online. You may order Film # 553947 from the catalog for viewing in a FamilySearch Center to view the records.

Question #15: There are missing record sets in Wake County. Are they available?
Answer #15: The browse points have not been titled consistently. Some of the browse points call them Wills, Inventories,Settlements. Some are titled Will, Inventories and some just say Wills and the date, causing some confusion.

  • In the browse point Wills 1815-1816, Vol. 12 you find both volume 12 and volume 13. Volume 13 begins on image 249
  • In the browse point Wills, 1821-1822, Vol. 17 you will find both volume 17 and volume 18. Volume 18 begins on image 234
  •  The Volume 27 is located in the browse point Wills, Inventories, Settlements, 1845-1850, Vol. 26, beginning at Image 345.
  • The browse point labeled Wake County > Wills, 1891-1897, Volume C actually also contains Wills, 1897-1902, Volume D. The images for volume D begin with image 326.

Question #16: Is Volume 6 of the Wills, Inventories, Settlements for the years 1829-1833 in Wayne County available for viewing?
Answer #16: Volume 6 shares a film with Volume 5, and they were loaded together into the browse point Wayne > Wills, Inventories, Settlements, 1822-1828, Vol. 05. Volume 6 begins on image 273.

Question #17: Why are there duplicate Wilkes County record sets?
Answer #17: Two sets of the same Wilkes County records were erroneously included in the collection: Wills, 1811-1821, Vol. 03; and Wills, 1812-1821, Vol. 3. The correct Year range is 1811-1821. Pages 174-175 are missing from the latter set (they should follow Image 92). (The difference in the total number of images in each record set is primarily due to duplicate images within the 1811-1821 set.)

If you encounter additional problems with this collection, feel free to report them at Please include the following information:

  • If browsing this collection: please include the full path you followed to where the problem occurred. The browse path is located above the Image viewer window.
    For example: North Carolina, Probate Records, 1735-1970 > Clay > Bonds, 1905-1921 > Image 7 of 32.
  • If you are reporting a technical issue: please include your operating system and browser version, such as Windows XP and Internet Explorer.

Your assistance will help ensure that future revisions will be considered.

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