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== Jurisdictions  ==
== Jurisdictions  ==
Use an [ interactive map ]to find jurisdictions for each parish in Northamptonshire.
==== Civil Districts  ====
==== Civil Districts  ====
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==== Parishes  ====
==== Parishes  ====
See the [[Northamptonshire Parishes|parishes]] of Northamptonshire.
See the [[Northamptonshire Parishes|parishes]] of Northamptonshire.  
==== Probate Jurisdictions  ====
==== Probate Jurisdictions  ====

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Northamptonshire, or Northampton, is an inland county located almost in the middle of England.


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Use an interactive map to find jurisdictions for each parish in Northamptonshire.

Civil Districts

When civil registration of births, marriages and deaths began in 1837, Northamptonshire was divided into a number of registration districts, each containing several parishes.  The index to the civil records gives the name of the district where an event took place.  Click here to see a list of the civil districts in Northamptonshire and the parishes covered by each.  Read more about England Civil Registration.


See the parishes of Northamptonshire.

Probate Jurisdictions

Before 1858, every town and parish in Northamptonshire was under the probate jurisdiction of several ecclesiastical courts.  To read more about probate records and see a list of Northamptonshire towns and parishes and the probate courts that had jurisdiction over them, go to Northamptonshire Probate Records.


To view a further list of web sites and/or web pages for Northamptonshire and many of its parishes, visit