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Add information about employment and occupations from periodicals

Blackwell, Stewart.  Was Your Ancestor an Ale-Draper or Innhoulder?  The article talks of some of the early registers in Clwyd, to do with this Trade.  There is a facsimile of Inn-Keeper's Recognizance. Ale-house Register, 1823:  Pigot's Directory of North Wales 1822. showing Keepers of taverns and public houses 1822. and extracts from early Wrexham Parish registers (baptisms and burials). Hel Achau, #35. Dec. 1991, pages 26-29, Family History Library Ref. 942.43 D25h

Chadwick, Peter. We the Petitioners.  A list of Petitioners asking the Magistrates calling for the disbanding of the Rural Police. 1829-1853 in the parish of Holt. Hel Achau, #11 Winter, 1983 pages 16-18, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Jones, D.E. Mrs.  William Roberts 'Nefydd.' 1813-1872.  A brief biography of "nefydd" son of Robert Roberts and Anne Davies born in 1813 near Denbigh, was early leader of the Baptist movement, educator and writer.  Included is a pedigree chart, showing surnames of Roberts, Thomas, Jones and Williams.  Article covers years 1812-1958, and is found in Journal - Hel Achau, #18, spring 1986, pages 7-8, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Blackwell, H. Stewart. and Wynne-Woodhouse, Bill. Giants of the Past: 1847-1915. English born Alfred Neobard Palmer was a chemist, researcher and writer who came to Denbigh because of his health. Illustrated with a sketch of him and a chronological bibliography of his writings. Article covers years 1847-1915 and is found in the journal Hel Achau, #18, 1986, page 9, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Pauper Apprentices at Holywell. A list of apprentices sent from Surrey to Holywell. It gives name and age and when apprenticed.  All were bound for 21 years.  Illustrated with two drawings of Cotton Works near Holywell, 1792 and 1796. Article in Hel Achau, no. 32. January, 1991. pages 24-25. Family History Library Ref. 942.23 D25h

Smith, Deborah.  John Bradshaw Deputy Chief Constable of Denbighshire.  This article discusses John Bradshaw's career with the Police, illustrated with 2 photographs, one of John Bradshaw c1865-75; the other Staff of Office. Article covers time period 1811-1886, in Hel Achau, #99, Dec. 2008, pages 16-18, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h


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