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The Orange California Familty History Center has two categories of non-Family History Library films.

National Archives films have a series number, and a roll number.  The exact description of the contents can  be found on the National Archives Website.

Our miscellaneous titles each have locally assigned reference numbers that all begin with the letter "F"

National Archives Films

M19 roll 100 1830 census New York

M19 roll 138 1830 census Ohio

M19 roll 141 1830 census Ohio

M19 roll 166 1830 census Pennsylvania

M32 roll 30 1800 census North Carolina

M32 roll 39 1800 census Pennsylvania

M33 roll 6 1870 census Georgia

M33 roll 7 1870 census Georgia

M33 roll 8 1820 census Georgia

M33 roll 9 1820 census Georgia

M33 roll 10 1820 census Georgia

M33 roll 89 1820 census Ohio

M33 roll 105 1820 census Pennsylvania

M123 roll 77 1890 census Oregon Veterans

M123 roll 89 1890 census Pennsylvania Veterans and Widows

M123 roll 108 1890 census Washington Veterans and Widows

M203 roll roll 1 Washington Index of Land Claims 1855-1902

M252 roll 39 1810 census North Carolina

M252 roll 47 1810 census Pennsylvania

M588 roll 1 Washington, Union Soldiers

M593 roll 64 1870 census Arkansas

M593 roll 400 1870 census Iowa

M593 roll 767 1870 census Missouri

M593 roll 799 1870 census Missouri

M593 roll 1219 1870 census Ohio

M593 roll 1234 1870 census Ohio

M593 roll 1688 1870 census West Virginia

M653 roll 50 1860 census Arkansas

M653 roll 327 1860 census Iowa

M653 roll 953 1860 census Ohio

M704 roll 531 and 532 1840 census Tennessee

Miscellaneous Titles








F3875 1885 census, Morris, Kansas


F15714 West Virginia, Tyler County Index to wills, 1815-1917

F15715 West Virginia, Tyler County Deaths F21001 thru F21103 Los Angeles Times Newspapers

F4233 Pennsylvania Militia Records of 1812


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