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*[[Palau Archives and Libraries|Archives and Libraries]]
*[[Palau Biography|Biography]]
*[[Palau Census|Census]]
*[[Palau Church History|Church History]]
*[[Palau Church Records|Church Records]]
*[[Palau Civil Registration|Civil Registration]]
*[[Palau Emigration and Immigration|Emigration and Immigration]]
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*[[Palau History|History]]
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News and Events

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Palau rock islands.jpg
Palau is the smallest nation in the world. It is the westernmost cluster of the 6 major island groups that make up the Caroline Islands. Population in the year 2000 was 19,129. The archipelago includes more than 200 islands, of which 8 are inhabited. The religious majority is Roman Catholic.


Pauau is divided into 16 states.

  • Aimeliik
  • Airai
  • Angaur
  • Hatohobei
  • Kayangel
  • Koror
  • Melekeok
  • Ngaraard
  • Ngarchelong
  • Ngardmau
  • Ngatpang
  • Ngchesar
  • Ngeremlengui
  • Ngiwal
  • Peleliu
  • Sonsorol

Research Tools

Go to the Internet at and click on theLibrary. From that tab, click on the Family History Library Catalog. Choose a Place search. Then type inPalau.
Or, you can use a Film/fiche number search and look at the descriptions os these microfilms, all of which contain information about the Caroline Islands: 1779918, 928558 items 2 and 12, 1717502 and 1717753. General Information

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