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Please feel free to add additional questions that would help a Catholic person write a more complete personal history.

  • Did you and your family regularly attend Mass on Sunday?
  • What chapels did you attend church services in?
  • Were you involved in the Mass such as an alter boy?
  • Where and when were you Christened and by whom?
  • Did you attend Catholic schools?
  • Were you involved in any Catholic youth groups?
  • Any memorable youth activities you can recall?
  • Did you regularly study the Bible?
  • Have any thoughts of becoming a Priest?
  • Are there any church leaders that left an impression on you?
  • What were your feelings about the Church as you were growing up?
  • What are they today?
  • Are you active in the church today and if not why not?
  • What are your feelings towards non-Catholics?
  • Any parts of Catholic theology that you would like to comment on?
  • Which Pope has had the greatest influence on you?
  • Are there any Catholics that have made an impression on you?
  • Is there any Catholic literature that has an influence on you?
  • If you were converted to Catholicism, describe the how it happened.
  • Witnessed any miracles that you would like to relate?
  • Have you ever been involved in any Catholic relief efforts?
  • Have you ever been to Vatican and what were your impressions?
  • Is there any advise you would like to give to your family in relation to the Church?
  • Do you think religion has any roll in politics?


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