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== Research Tools  ==
== Research Tools  ==
[[Image:Poland Schweidnitz.jpg|thumb|200px|Poland Schweidnitz.jpg]]  
[[Image:Poland Schweidnitz.jpg|thumb|200px]]  
*[[Poland Beginning Research|Beginning Polish Research]]  
*[[Poland Beginning Research|Beginning Polish Research]]  
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*[[Poland Genealogical Word List|Word List]]
*[[Poland Genealogical Word List|Word List]]
*[[Poland Poznan Marriage Indexing Project|Poznan Marriage Indexing Project]].
*Online tutorials: [https://familysearch.org/learningcenter/results.html?q=*&fq=place%3A%22Poland%22 Polish Research including help "Reading Polish Handwritten Records".]
== Online Databases  ==
== Online Databases  ==

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For a Polish language version of this page see also Polska.

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Welcome to the Poland page! FamilySearch Wiki is a community website dedicated to helping people throughout the world learn how to find their ancestors. Through the Poland page you can learn how to find, use, and analyze Polish records of genealogical value. The content is variously targeted to beginners, intermediate, and expert researchers. The Poland Page is a work in progress, your contributions and feedback are essential!

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Did you know?

Extensive extraction of Catholic Church records for the parishes of Medrzechow, Kupienin and Samocice, Poland have been completed and are available. For more information see the Polish Parish Extraction Project page.

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Finding records of your ancestors, Poland 1808 to 1900 is a color publication showing how to find records of a family who lived in Poland from 1808 to 1900. It tells you which records to use and how to search them. It also introduces you to the research tools you will need. A case study illustrates each step of the research process.

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Finding records of your ancestors, Poland 1808 to 1900 is now available.


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Genealogy courses: Learn how to research from an expert in Poland courses.

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